Cette initiative accueille une série d'événements de taille réduite, qui offrent des lieux virtuels aux membres de la communauté canadienne de la salle d'opération pour se rencontrer et échanger sur la recherche et les applications basées sur la salle d'opération. Les événements et les détails sont énumérés ci-dessous. Nous avons hâte de vous voir à ces événements.

Micro-événements à venir

Micro-événements passés

mai 2022
« Information design for load balancing »
This event was organized by the CORS Queueing Theory Special Interest Group, and Professor Kuang Xu from Stanford Graduate School of Business presented the following research.
Abstract: Information has long played a crucial, if somewhat understated, role in dynamic resource allocation and control for queueing networks. I will discuss some recent results, as well as open questions, in understanding how to perform efficient inference and information exchange in load balancing systems. In the first part of the talk, we will examine the problem of using empirical operational data to perform statistical inference. We ask what types of observables provide the most information and how dynamic control policies may impact the inferential power of the data produced. In the second part, we will look at the problem of load balancing under a limited communication budget by using approximations of the system state. Our goal is to obtain conditions under which quality approximation leads to strong performance guarantees, and to generate desirable state approximations using the least amount of communication possible. Based on joint work with Gal Mendelson (Stanford).

mars 2022
« HCOR SIG Micro-event: Student Presentation Prize followed by a seminar by Professor Gilbert Laporte »
The CORS Health Care Operational Research SIG oral presentation competition for graduate students emphasizes the importance of presentation skills and provides an opportunity for students to receive formal feedback, learn best practices from their peers, and be recognized for excellence in this area. The goal is to have students demonstrate mastery of coherent and engaging presentations describing a completed research project on a significant healthcare topic within a ten-minute time limit. This year's competition was held during an online CORS micro-event organized by the HCOR SIG and was followed by a seminar by Professor Gilbert Laporte who discussed the design of effective scientific presentations, including some tips and tricks.

janvier 2022
« Data & Intelligence Maturity Model »
In this event, Dr. Anirvan Basu, Managing Director Europe at Accenture Strategy Consulting, spoke about a comprehensive methodology that helps corporate leaders to choose the required level of maturity for achieving their business vision, to determine the path step-by-step towards the destination maturity level, and, throughout the journey, to measure the success of the transformation. This event was organized by Masoud Chitsaz from Kinaxis.

novembre 2021
« Building and Leading Analytics Teams »
In this event, analytics strategy expert Jeremy Adamson discussed challenges in building and leading analytics teams, how to overcome them, and how to gain competitive advantages by investing in analytics. This event was organized by Masoud Chitsaz from Kinaxis.

octobre 2020
« Apprentissage automatique et intelligence artificielle dans les soins de santé »
L'événement inaugural était un atelier organisé par le CORS HCOR SIG et présidé par Majid Taghavi. L'événement comprenait une série de conférences invitées et une séance plénière sur ce sujet d'actualité.

novembre 2020
« Nouveaux OR PhD »
Cet événement était organisé par le Conseil CORS et présidé par Jules Comeau. L'événement comprenait une série de courts exposés de recherche soumis par des étudiants en doctorat et une table ronde.