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History of OR in Canada

The Origin and Growth of the Canadian Operational Research Society
P.J. Sandiford, CORS Journal Volume 1 Number 1, December 1963

The Early History of Organized Operational Research
A paper presented by Harold Larnder at a Conference on
Operational Research, Dalhousie University, June 10, 1964

From Pioneer to President: Omond McKillop Solandt’s Rise in Operational Research
Article prepared as part of the CORS 50th Anniversary Knapsack Project by
Jason S. Ridler, Ph.D. Candidate War Studies, Royal Military College, July 2008

A Short Biography of Omond Solandt
Robert Ashe

Miscellaneous Publications

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What's New at NSERC
A presentation by the NSERC Engineering Team at CORS 2008, Quebec