New logo competition

CORS celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2018, and to celebrate our continued modernization of operations research, we now look to modernizing our presence with a new logo. Because CORS is driven by its members and the OR community, we are calling upon members to submit fresh, new logo ideas, which will be voted on by the membership.

Finalists in the logo competition will receive $100, and the winning logo will receive an additional $100.


Competition timeline

December 18: Deadline to submit logos.

Mid-February: Council selects up to four finalists and has the finalist logos polished by a professional company.

Mid-March: Membership votes on the new logos along with the old logo. So, the old logo may end up being kept.

June AGM in Halifax: The new logo is unveiled.


History and context

Before you get started making a new logo for CORS, you may want to know a little bit about our current logo. The logo is a triangle surrounding a person made by the letters O and R. This representation indicates the inherent connection between operations research and people. The triangle represents the cities of the three founding groups of CORS: Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. The color red on a white background reflects the red and white of the Canadian flag.


Contingency plan

Council reserves the right to not proceed with any member-submitted logos, and may include a professionally created logo with member-submitted logos in the membership vote. If no promising logos are submitted by members, Council will still select up to four finalists and award finalist prizes. Council will then engage a professional service to develop a new logo from scratch. This logo will go head-to-head with the old logo in the membership vote.